Use of the Logo

QMS Use of the Logo

Use of the QMS Logo / Certification Mark is subject to the conditions detailed below:

  1. QMS logo mark has to be used along with certificate number, put just below the mark, covering space not broader than the mark, and as such it can be used only by those organizations, which possess a valid certificate of registration, issued by QMS in their name.
  2. Use of logo is restricted to correspondence, advertisement, and promotional material that is directly applicable to the scope of Certification / registration as shown on the certificate.
  3. The QMS logo can be used in black and white colour, but if multi colour is used the colours / shade should be in accordance with Colour and shades shown in QMS Certification mark or logo printed on page 2 of 2 of this document.
  4. The QMS logo may be enlarged or reduced aesthetically depending upon space available, for example on boards or hoardings size can be enlarged , while on letter heads or stationeries, or visiting cards size can be appropriately reduced.
  5. The QMS logo should not be used in such manner as to allude that the product or service has been certified by the QMS. It is only the management system that has been certified. Therefore it is prohibited to use our mark of certification on any Lab Test report, Calibration report or inspection report.
  6. The certification mark / logo shall not be put on product or product packaging without carrying narration denoting that the organization is certified.
  7. QMS does not permit its marks to be applied to laboratory test, calibration, or inspection reports, as these reports are deemed as service products.
  8. Upon suspension or withdrawal of the certificate the mark of logo shall not be used by the client.
  9. If violated, QMS reserves the right to revoke / suspend / withdraw the registration certificate until the infringement has been nullified. Legal action will be taken under section 406 IPC for breach of contract / trust.
  10. QMS logo is exclusive property of the QMS Certification. and can be used only by organizations having authorization from the QMS Certification.

We accept that we have read and understood all of the above terms and conditions under which QMS mark of certification / logo can be used by us during the validity period of the certificate issued to us by the QMS.

We undertake to abide by all of the above conditions for the use of QMS Certification mark and if violated, QMS Certification (QMS) reserves the right to revoke/ suspend/ withdraw the registration certificate, and may initiate action under section 406 for breach of contract / trust.

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